"Tranquility Beach"

Tranquility Beach
"Tranquility Beach"

We've all heard of tranquility base right? Well, here is the earth-bound version of that concept.

The image you see before you was taken on "Joiner Banks" which is located off the coast of the northern end of Hilton Head and is probably one of the most remote locations I've ever experienced.

You see, this tiny desert island is nothing more than what we refer to as a "sand-spit." There is absolutely nothing on this island but sand and about 700+ pelicans who have apparently chosen this location to call home.

I have explored Joiner Banks on a couple of occasions by boat, and if you enjoy getting away from the mega-crowds on neighboring Hilton Head, than this is it.

The only sounds you'll hear are the gentle lapping of waves on the beach...the occasional screech from a gull...and the breeze blowing through your hair. I guess that's why the boat and fishing pole intrigued me enough to preserve the image on film.

It was puzzling to me then, and still is today. You see, there wasn't another soul on that island to start with. Secondly, why would anybody row a "major" distance out to this place...set-up some very expensive fishing gear...and then leave from the middle of nowhere?

'Just a little spooky to me.

I might go back there someday, but I doubt it. The surrounding water is full of sharks and navigating the shoals can be a little tricky.

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