"Resting Shrimper"

Resting Shrimper
"Resting Shrimper"

This is a study in monochromatic excellence and was taken long before this marina in South Beach became a mecca for vacationing tourists.

One interesting note about this image, is that when I took the photograph, I had no idea, and could have cared less at the time, who owned the shrimp boat "Finest Kind" you see on the left side of your screen.

Hilton Head Island has what they call "An evening of the Arts" whose proceeds from bids on local art work benefits Muscular Dystrophy around Labor Day every year.

At any rate, one year I had donated a couple of my images to the cause and this was one of them. When it came up on the "block," bidding was brisk and seemed to continue for some time. As it turned out, the guy who owned the boat was the highest bidder and subsequent owner.

For reasons unknown to me even now, he purchased 3-4 more of the same print because he liked it so much, but what he did with them is a mystery to this day

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